Five-Year Anniversary

We invite communities to continue to LEARN how to lock in freshness, MAKE farm-to-table meals, and SHARE the experience with friends and family as we continue to grow the establish our nationwide food preservation program into Discover program, Discover Market Fresh.

Visit a Participating Farmers Market


Seal and Save

Visit a participating farmers markets to buy local and, save local. LEARN ideas, tips, hints and recipes to MAKE your vacuum sealing a success. After watching a demo, stop by a free “sealing station” to vacuum seal your market purchases so you may SHARE the delicious farm-freshness with those at home. By using the FoodSaver® System to store and preserve farm fresh food, thousands of people will DISCOVER how to preserve MARKET FRESH locally grown and sourced food this summer. Together we will track how much farm fresh produce is vacuum sealed at participating farmers markets across the country.

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Market Discoveries

Over 10 million (and counting) visitors attended a participating farmers market over the past four summers. Food preservation demonstrations 
brought together local communities, strengthened farmer-consumer ties, and gained widespread media attention. Learn more about our successes, join the excitement, and share your experiences.

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