Discover Market Fresh: Learn, Make, Share℠  helps communities and farmers discover the multiple benefits of preserving fresh produce, meats, and cheeses from their local farmers markets.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Buying local food = a better tomorrow: By supporting local farmers today, you help ensure that farms will remain in your community tomorrow—providing access to nourishing, flavorful food for future generations.
  • Local food purchases today = fresh, seasonal food year round: Purchasing and preserving your local farmers market food gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what goes into what you eat, as well as provides you with delicious, seasonal food you can enjoy even after farmers market season ends.
  • Consistent farmers market purchases = a nutritious future: By continuing to purchase produce from your local farmers market, you give farmers the means to produce fresh, nutritious, and high-quality foods for seasons to come.
  • Supporting farmers markets = a healthy local economy: Farmers markets not only breathe life into the community, they continuously provide job opportunities for local residents.

Want to become a Power Sealer this summer?

Visit FoodSaver.com to learn how to keep food fresh longer, prep ahead, and cook faster. Vacuum sealing is not only great for meats and cheeses, but is an ideal way to keep MAKRET produce FRESH. Learn more about details and special features.  


Whether you’re a first-time vacuum sealer or food-preserving guru, Discover Market Fresh: Learn, Make, Share℠ will bring MARKET FRESH tastes and recipes to your dinner table and community.

Enjoy the satisfaction and benefits from preserving local market items, while making and creating favorite recipes from the vacuum sealing and freezer methods you learn. By preserving MARKET FRESH food, everyone can discover, share, and partake in delicious results all year long.
Visit FoodSaver.com for easy-to-follow video instructions and recipes.

Farmers Market Salad in a Jar!

Eliminate that sea of bags containing salad supplies in your crisper drawer. Create salad in a jar instead. Use your FoodSaver® vacuum sealer along with the mason jar attachment to preserve salads in Ball® jars for up two weeks. Then, simply uncap a jar for a fresh salad without the fuss!


Connect with our community of local food preservation enthusiasts and share your experiences.

Tell us about your discoveries and endeavors, and trade recipes, tips, and more. Learn from other members and experts, and connect with others who also value a sustainable food culture.

We can’t wait to connect with you! Let’s get started:


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