Program Overview   |    Participating Farmers Markets

Local farmers markets are perfect places to buy farm fresh, local produce, meats, and cheeses while connecting with your local community. This year, the Discover Market Fresh: Learn, Make, Share℠  food preservation education program will be on hand at 30 farmers markets across the nation to help visitors learn to vacuum seal local produce, meats, and cheeses, and make “farm-to-table” recipes to enjoy and share with friends all year long.

The Discover Market Fresh: Learn, Make, Share℠ program spreads awareness of the benefits of food preservation for healthy, sustainable living, and provides tools to support valuable educational programs.
Last year, FoodSaver® Brand, the top vacuum sealing system joined the education partnership, expanding the options and approaches of food preservation beyond produce to include meat, fish, cheeses, and more. We are pleased to again partner with Jarden Consumer Solutions as we celebrate the fifth year helping Farmers Market Coalition members educate communities on the benefits of buying, storing and sharing locally grown and sourced food. Food preservation demonstrations will illustrate the simple steps of vacuum sealing processes, include tips and recipes, and promote the farm-to-table lifestyle, which benefits both farmers and consumers. 
Discover how you learn to preserve food, make recipes, and use fresh local produce to enjoy and share favorite dishes with friends even after farmers market season ends.

Visit a participating farmers market July through September.



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